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The content block is probably the single most used enjin block. It can present any content within it's main section along with a tidy header and footer.

Well, okay, not just any content. Editors are not allowed to add h* tags specifically for example. They can include a header tag in the source content which Go-Enjin will render with the correct heading priority for the current block's header nesting level. Typically, in a normal page layout, these would result in h3 tags to start.

This block also includes a footer, which you're reading right now. This footer can contain any sort of content, just like the main section.


All the features...

page title heading deeplink

This content block demonstrates all the various contextual features available to all content blocks, starting with the All the features... heading which was explored in the Header block page.

All block headings allow for end-users to hover (or tap) on the heading to reveal a permalink to that specific block on the current page. Clicking that link will of course scroll the block nicely into view if the page is longer than your screen is tall.

Some of the features[0] are the footnote system and the block-link. All blocks have a specific link field (href and label text strings), like the header field, which when specified for any given block, will render the block with a decorated link in the footer. For this block in particular, the link below reads: Example Link

[0] features: Go-Enjin is heavily based on a concept of providing developers with the ability to selectively control, or replace, as many of the features in the enjin being built.

Example Link