Container Fields


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Container fields are just like the inline-fields with the exception that they are more likewrappers around content rather than finite content providers themselves.


Container Fields

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The following table details the container fields supported:
tag name sample, html
blockquote blockquote

All paragraphs within a blockquote have quotes added.

This text should not be quoted, yet still within theblock-quoted content. With a caption given, a figcaption immediately follows the blockquotewith additional styles applied to visually compose the quoteand the caption together.
An author, Go-Enjin

code code fragment

This paragraph contains a code fragment:Example() , which is inline with this text. Thefollowing is also a code fragment and because it is notwithin a paragraph, it will preserve the spacing as if it,were wrapped in a pre tag.

// Example is just an example Go function func Example() { // this demonstrates a multi-line code field // Semantic Enjin treats this as multi-line // because it is not within a paragraph tag }

The following is a decorated code field. Code fieldstypically have no fields in their content, just plain text.For these decorated code fields, Go-Enjin automaticallysplits the text on new-lines and wraps the entire list oflines of code as an ordered-list with each line it's ownlist-item. This is done to provide more interactivitysuch as highlight the hovered-over line and of course havethe line numbers displayed beside.

  1. // DecoratedExample is another Go function
  2. func DecoratedExample() {
  3. // this demonstrates a multi-line code field
  4. // which Go-Enjin prepared with each line wrapped in it's own list-item
  5. // which allows Semantic Enjin to style with line numbers
  6. }

dl description listing
dl is the description list element whichcontains one or more description terms (dt) withtheir corresponding description details (dd).
dt is one description term described withinthe description list.
dt is one description detail describingthe preceding description term.

table table

A table is used to present all of these container fields.

<table {attributes}>
ol ordered list
  1. the first item
  2. the second item

<ol {attributes}>
p paragraph

This is paragraph content. It can only contain inline fields.The text within can be long and will line-wrap nicely. Loremipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed doeiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

A second paragraph will have a top-margin set.

<p {attributes}>{inline-content}</p>
pre preformatted text
This content
  has a staircase
    effect due to the
      preformatted empty space

<pre {attributes}>{text}</pre>
ul unordered list
  • one item
  • another item

<ul {attributes}>