Index Block


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Index blocks are a versatile solution to displaying a selection of pages, such as with a category page linking to the pages within the category. An obvious example is that of a blog site's homepage listing recent posts. An index block placed within the homepage would provide this listing.


Block and blog pages...

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  1. Card Block
  2. Carousel Block
  3. Container Blocks
  4. Content Block
  5. Enjin Blocks

Index blocks support both headers and footers. This is the footer.

Does nothing

All pages...

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  1. Welcome
  2. ようこそ
  3. Enjin Blocks

The above index block has a number of differences from the first one on this page.

  • all pages are included (regardless of language)
  • the default view is Profile instead of Link List
  • the pages are sorted by title descending
  • full pagination controls (instead of the incremental more-button mode)
  • different filters are configured
  • three rows per page instead of five (default is ten)