Table of Contents Block


page title heading deeplink

The block above this content block is a table of contents block. It contains anhierarchical, ordered, listing of all headings and sub-headings on this page.


Another Heading

Heading Levels

page title heading deeplink

Heading levels dictate the ordered structure of table of contents blocks on the page.Because this block follows a second header block, the Another Heading heading, the actualheading level for this content block, and all non-header blocks to follow, areincremented one level.

This content block is displayed as a child, or sub-heading, of the Another Headingtable of contents item.


Resetting Header Level

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Another Heading
    1. Heading Levels
  4. Resetting Header Level
  5. Conclusion

This table of contents does not have a header, though it does have this footer you'rereading right now. It does not include the page title, nor a reference to the first tableof contents on the page and the item counters are not nested.


page title heading deeplink

This block follows yet another header block, however there is one important difference.The content editor specified that the last header block actually decrements the pageheading levels back one (h2 from h3).

As far as the Semantic Enjin stylesheets are concerned, there's nothing to do with thisinformation as all the <h*> tags are already present in the pagedocument (which are hard-coded to be level-specific). However there is a hintprovided with the data-heading-reset block attribute being present and set to-1.

The effect of this resetting of the header levels is that this content block has an<h2> tag for its heading instead of an <h3> likethe previous content block.