Inline Fields


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Inline fields are the most basic types of fields available. They are composed of HTML tagsof course and what makes them inline is the content that is allowed within these tags.

The HTML standards allow for things like anchor tags to contain divs for example. WithinGo-Enjin however, this is not allowed from a content-editor standpoint (with exceptions forspecific situations like custom-content blocks).

Go-Enjin allows for multiple types of page content. For example, a page can be composed ofmarkdown, org-mode or raw HTML content. These however have nothing to do with Enjin Blocksor Enjin Fields in any way. They're simply features available to developers using Go-Enjinand that don't want to use the Semantic Enjin systems.

This site is dedicated to just the Semantic Enjin systems and theming specifically. So, inthese cases, the content of any given page is actually a JSON structure that supplies theliteral field content for a listing of one or more Enjin Blocks.

This page demonstrates the basic user-visible fields that Go-Enjin content editors are ableto work with when supplying content to the individual Enjin Blocks added to the page. Thecontent block you're reading from right now is composed of paragraph fields for example.


Inline Fields

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The following table details the inline fields supported:
tag name sample html
a anchor link Same-tab anchor link
New-tab anchor link
<a {attributes}>{inline-content}</a>
abbr abbreviation CSS
<abbr {attributes}>{inline-content}</abbr>
b bold bolded text
cite citation Alan Watts
del indicate deleted text deleted text
em emphasis emphasized text
fa-icon font awesome icon
<i class='{fa-class} {fa-ident}'></i>
figure figure
Go-Enjin logo
The Go-Enjin logo
hr thematic break
<hr />
i italics italicized text
img image Go-Enjin logo
<img {attributes}/>
ins indicate inserted text inserted text
kbd keyboard input ctrl + shift + r
mark mark text marked text
meter meter 90 percent
<meter {attributes}>{text}</meter>
picture picture

A mascot image is presented at browser widths greater than768px and anything smaller will see a logo.

	<source {attributes} /> ...
	<img {attributes} />
progress progress bar 90 percent
<progress {attributes}>{text}</progress>
q inline quotation quoted text
s strike-through text stricken text
samp sample output This text is a sample of computer output.
small side comment text This text is smaller than normal.
strong strong importance This text is stronger than normal.
sub subscript C 8 H 10 N 4 O 2
sup superscript a 2 + b 2 = c 2
u underline This text is underlined.
var variable name