Form Fields


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Form fields are not normally presented to normal site visitors and are primarily used in theadministrative and content editing parts of the site.

These fields are being presented simply to demonstrate the cosmetic styling of each fieldas supported by Go-Enjin.


Form Fields

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The following table details the form fields supported:
tag name sample html
button button
<button {attributes}>
fieldset fieldset
form fields
<fieldset {attributes}>
input button input of type button
<input type='button' value='{text}' />
input checkbox input of type checkbox
<input type='checkbox' checked/>
input color input of type color
<input type='color' value='{colour}' />
input date input of type date
<input type='date' value='{date}' />
input datetime-local input of type datetime-local
	value='{date time}'
input email input of type email
<input type='email' value='{address}' />
input file input of type file
<input type='file' />
input image input of type image
<input type='image' src='{url}' />
input number input of type number
<input type='number' value='{text}' />
input password input of type password
<input type='password' value='{text}' />
input radio input of type radio
<input type='radio' name='{text}' />
input range input of type range
<input type='range' />
input reset input of type reset
<input type='reset' />
input search input of type search
<input type='search' {attributes} />
input submit input of type submit
<input type='submit' />
input tel input of type tel
<input type='tel' />
input text input of type text
<input type='text' />
input time input of type time
<input type='time' />
input url input of type url
<input type='url' />
input disabled disabled input

One of each disabled input type:

<input type='{type}' disabled />
select select